Monday, 18 March 2013

Talgarth Day 3

The observant amongst you will notice the absence of Day 2. That's because yesterday the airfield and quite a lot of the countryside was covered in snow, so there was no flying. Alternative activities included walking over the hills in 18 inches of snow, walking along the valleys in about the same depth of mud, and flying models.

The Chairman's wife enjoying a stroll

Today started with fog in the valley which was scenic, but not much use in the event of a cable break, so we had a delayed start.
Low cloud
There was no wind to speak of, but a bit of thermal, and we all had check flights, which kept Richard and Tony (ex Booker, now at Talgarth) working hard with a variety of members and their peculiarlities. Having washed all the mud off the toys and put them away, the day ended with some more model flying.

Muddy launchpoint

The home ridge
And they call these the Black Mountains....
Richard feeling the strain before his final check flight with Jim

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