Saturday, 16 March 2013

Talgarth day 1

Most of the team has arrived, and taken over their various accommodations. Richard took one look at his room and went on an urgent search for somewhere nicer, he's now more comfortably settled. Today the BBC forecast was for 'lively showers with thunder mixed in, wintry on the hills'. When we looked out of the window the hills were already snow-covered, and the air looked nicely unstable.

We started with a briefing and a stroll round the airfield (which was wet but draining fast) to look at the interesting approaches, and then began check flights. Not much by way of ridge lift as the wind was from the south, but the views of the snowy hills were spectacular in the crystal clear air. The showers and rainbows got closer until by about 1300 we were putting the toys away in the rain/snow.

Snow on the hills

Getting the kit out

Rain stopped play

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