Saturday, 6 April 2013

And about time too!

Finally spring seems to have arrived, and although it was still a bit on the chilly side, the day couldn't have been more different from Thursday's blizzard. While the grid was setting up, the new bus arrived from Liverpool, home of second hand buses. This will be a great relief after recent days on 06 with no shelter from the biting easterlies.

Launchpoint luxury

Nick was also on hand to provide hot drinks from his campervan.

Nick's tea bar
Plenty of people turned out to take advantage of the conditions, which produced 10kt thermals in places, and many did the club task. Will in his K6 is leading the field at the moment with a task of 405k.

Part of the grid, and a good looking sky

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Brian said...

What a day yesterday must have been - two wooden gliders grace the top of the BGA ladder!

An epic flight Will - well done.