Monday, 8 April 2013

Vintage visitors

On Saturday a Slingsby Capstan dropped in at Booker for a bit of comfort. Pilots Merv and Chris were on their way to Dunstable to collect a trophy but the cold got the better of them as they passed by. They were greeted by several Booker acquaintances and were soon enjoying a hot drink from Nick's Tea Bar.

A warming cuppa
Vintage comfort

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Bob S said...

As I was final gliding in to Booker crossing the ridge I flew under this Capstan. The day was coming to an end. what the ...... is that really a Capstan flying cross country! As I sped underneath I started to ask myself whether I was actually having a dream, Am I dehydrated. About an hour later Will landed in the K6. Maybe Brian is right after all and we should all be flying wood!