Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The good run of weather continues

After Saturdays excellent day of flying activities, the run of good weather has continued with Sunday being very busy as well Monday and Tuesday. Several private owners rigged with plans for Lyneham O/R but unfortunately the weather didn't enable the task to be flown today. The blue skies and sunshine has probably resulted in a few folks getting a little sunburnt (a first for 2013!).

We had another first solo with James Blanch taking to the skies in KLA. James flies commercially for a living but he made an interesting comment after landing that "this is the first time I've been in an aircraft on my own for over 10 years!". In spite of the several thousand hours flying he has, his grin on landing was no different to any other pilot when they first solo. Congratulations James.
James after his first solo

You may also have noticed two other new faces around the launch point recently - more specifically in the tugs. They are Callum and Gus the 2013 seasonal tuggies - say hello to them and remember to buy them the odd lunch or drink in the evening for all the good tows you are going to get from them.

The 2013 tuggies - Callum on the left, Gus on the right

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