Saturday, 8 June 2013

Booker Common Show

Today the Sales and Marketing Team set off for the long journey (about 3 minutes) to Booker Common to take part in the Show. We soon had Pegasus 318 rigged and our banners and so on displayed, after which we entertained a continuous stream of small children wanting to sit in the cockpit, and their families and friends.

We met again many of our fellow campaigners from the GASP anti-stadium days, and chatted with  local residents who were fascinated to see up close the sort of aircraft which they see over their houses all the time. We offered a trial lesson as a raffle prize, so we hope to see the lucky winner at the launch point soon.

The Show was held to raise money for the Booker Memorial Hall and the Air Ambulance, which is funded entirely by voluntary effort and receives no public funding.

Many thanks to Chris Collett, Hugh MacDonald, William Parker, Symeon Economou and Stephen Greenham, who isn't solo yet but already knows how to rig and de-rig a Pegasus in a field.

Spot the glider

Symeon the Salesman

Future pilot

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