Saturday, 8 June 2013

Le Blanc

We have been flying continuously for 7 days with the Duo and Club gliders achieving about 40 hours in the air. The weather has been fantastic and many kilometers have been flown, with 75 launches to date. Internet access has been variable so we have not managed to post many flights. Although we are having a "rest" day Steve is already out with the Duo acclimatizing the new arrivals.
Hakan Gokalp achieved his Bronze cross country Nav in the Duo, finishing off with a field landing. Several gliders have been Aux Vaches without problem. Rob Kehr flew his first 100 km in the Super Javelot.. 2A had an airing on Friday racing out to Thouars and back at about 120 kph with 370, helped by 6,000 ft cloudbase and 6 kt climbs.
The main problem at Le Blanc is the noise; we are deafened at the launch point with the sound of skylarks, cuckoos and crickets. The weather has been warming nicely reaching 30 C yesterday, but cooler today.  The weather forecast is a bit variable for the next few days so although locally soarable we may get a rest from cross country flying.

Final glide to Le Blanc

Richard's small pizza

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