Sunday, 30 June 2013

The (official) Longest Day

And what a day it was! The first launch at 0444 by Guy and Symeon in a K21 was followed by some K13 Cabriolet sorties to enjoy both fresh air and the sunrise. Breakfast was provided by Marnie and Simon, who continued to produce food throughout the day for the assembled multitudes.

Marnie and Simon cooking up a storm

Plenty of food

There were some white shiny gliders setting off to explore the phenomenal wave that set up - by late afternoon the sky was full of lenticulars - but the theme of the day appeared to be more Whispering Wardrobe. The Cabriolet K13 was as popular as ever.

Henry and Doug ready to go

Chris enjoying the fresh air
John's Krajanek also appeared. This is the glider in which Ladislaw Marmol set the UK duration record (before such records were discontinued) at 33 hours 5 minuntes in April 1949, backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards and .....yawn.......on Dunstable Downs. Judging by the way John is shoehorning himself into the glider, this must have been a very uncomfortable way to spend a day or two. More information on Ladislaw's adventurous life can be found in this edition of the newsletter:

How did I get in last time I tried this?
 Nick also had a go, he looks pretty happy about the prospect.

How do I get out now?

Nick would also have won the prize for best dressed aviator.

Where's my flying helmet?
Continuing the Czech theme, Graham's Lunak was also out, and Doug had a go.

Just having a nap before take off
After the evening barbeque, Graham tested his digestion with a brilliant aerobatic display, enhanced with smoke trails.

Smoke on!

Next came a couple of dual tow exercises with formation flying.

Keeping a good lookout
The final flight was Richard the CFI with an aerobatic flight and a hangar landing in a K21, after which it was time to pack up as darkness fell.

Many thanks to Richard for organising the day (and staying awake for the duration) and to Marnie and Simon for their magnificant catering operation, and to all the club members, family and friends who turned up to make this such a successful day.

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