Friday, 25 April 2014

Booker Rules Competition Day 3

After a couple of days of weather imposed rest, the competition was back into full swing with a middling forecast, possible cloud bases of 3,000/4,000ft and 2/3kt thermals. There was an impressive grid set up with 15 gliders ready for first launch at 12:30 for the task of Stokenchurch South - Ravensthorpe Reservoir - Booker SW - Booker Airfield for a Task length: 167.5km.
The 15 strong grid ready to go
 With club members happily soaring there was no excuse but to launch and the start line opened at around 13:30 although the cloudbase was at various heights from 2,500ft to 3,500ft around the airfield but most importantly everyone set off.

Unfortunately the day didn't work out as forecast and soon Shelagh was kept busy in the clubhouse taking calls from all the landouts.

Thame proved a popular bolt hole with CEH, JDV, 405 and 118 all landing there - they had a friendly reception from some of our old friends at Thame with Henry O and another Thame member coming up to the field and helping tow the gliders back.
Luckily there were a lot of pilots on hand to move gliders at Thame

Rob looking pleased with himself having beaten the plastic toys again!

The "Thame crew" just prior to returning to Booker

Bicester reined in J1M and LC - aerotows being provided locally (although LC had an interesting 'Cooks' tour back routing via Kidlington/Brize before he took command and steered his tug pilot in the right direction.

Lastly we had 844 landing at BOB - it was pointed out to Symeon that it was a glider trailer we used to leave in the field, not a glider to signal when the start line was open (for those of you old enough to remember comps before GPS and when photos were required).
Look closely to see the "start line open" glider
Provisional honours for the day went to Richard C (F1), with Simon V (Y2) and William P (LC) 2nd and 3rd respectively (although nobody scored any points for all their hard efforts). General concensus though was that a good day was had by all.

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