Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Talgarth - Day 4

It rained a lot in the night and this morning we awoke to fog, but driving up to the airfield got us back into the sunshine. We had to wait for the valley mist to clear before launching - don't want to be looking for a cable-break field in fog - but then we were treated to a gloriously sunny day with a mix of ridge and thermal. None of it was very strong but it was enough to tempt a fleet of single seaters into the air, locals and Booker members.

A couple of new people turned up from Booker. For James the PPL Instructor and tug pilot it was a new experience.

'I'm having nothing to do with the aerotow.'
Bob 279 has been here before but he was pleased to see some dramatic wave when he arrived.

The man with the clipboard kept everything in order.

Relaxing at Talgarth
The Treasurer has gone off to prepare dinner for the CFI and the other members of his household - honey roasted ham is on the menu.

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