Saturday, 7 June 2014

Booker Common Show 2014

The Marketing team spent the morning in the clubhouse drinking tea as the rain poured down - going to a summer show didn't seem like such a good idea. However, by around 11am it has reduced to light drizzle so we decided to go and join in the fun. The other stallholders, bouncy castles and carousels were already setting up so we got on with rigging HNK and putting up our display materials. And then the sun shone and the visitors arrived and we had a constant stream of children  and adults keen to see a glider up close, since they see them overhead their homes all the time.

'How old do you have to be to go in a glider?''

A few more years to solo...

After a damp start the day turned out really well, the Show was a great success with a variety of attractions including bowls, a dog show, a dance display by an army of tiny tots clutching teddy bears
and of course a raffle, one of the prizes being a glider flight. As well as selling some trial lessons, our participation was also an opportunity to contribute to our local community.

Many thanks to the team: Chris, Hedda, William, David H, Hugh, George and Josh.

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