Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Klippeneck latest

Finally some more news from Richard in Germany - they are having far too much fun out there!
Sorry I've not been in touch for a few days, we’ve been flying cross country every day, I’m hoping for a day off but I’m not sure we’re going to get one!
There’s too much to talk about!! Since my last updates we’ve been flying numerous tasks ranging from 200km to 750 km with no task being flow slower than 80 kph.
Congratulations go to Simon Vardigans on his Diamond Goal and Gold Distance.
We’ve also been winch launching (315 goes up the wire rather well!).
Today the weather doesn’t look amazing but there’s still a good few hours of usable thermals. We’ve got a couple of check flights for newcomers and them back to winch launching!
All I can say is, you need to be here next year, Klippeneck is awesome!!!!!!!
Booker abroad

A big German hill

Beers all round

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PW said...

You're right, they are having too much fun!