Thursday, 12 June 2014

Klippeneck update

Richard reports as follows:

We’ve thus far had good soaring every day with cloud bases between 8,000 and 10,000 ft.
The airfield
Somewhere over Germany

Hot work pushing
Roland looking happy
Yesterday evening the rain finally made it here in the form of a huge thunderstorm. The rain was extremely heavy and the thunder and lightning drew us all outside to watch the spectacular light show. 315 and 370 managed to just beat the rain, landing only a few minutes before it started. The de-rig of 370 became rather entertaining, especially after a lightning bolt hit the ground a few hundred metres from us!
Z3 (Tim Scott) and RM (Rob Munro) did a lead and follow to the Black Forest achieving 200km at 100.8kph. The day before Tim flew his fastest task ever with 142 km at 137kph – I'm sad to report that FI could only manage 120kph – Tim says I got lost but I’d call it a mix up of turn points!
Speedy Tim
 John Herman and Steve Williams took a break from flying yesterday and went to the Schempp-Hirth factory to stock up on parts – most of which they were given for free! Gift of the plumbers gab!!

 Food wise, we have an excellent restaurant next to the airfield with spectacular views. We’ve also been investigating other restaurants in the local towns and I’m pleased to say we haven’t been disappointed!
The airfield accommodation is fantastic and is highly recommended!
The only downside is the heat, it's permanently hot! During the day it's usually around 32 degrees, dropping to 25-28 degrees overnight......... 
Richard also took this picture of sheep, not sure quite what part they are playing in the expedition.

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PW said...

probably relatives of his friend from Talgarth.