Monday, 25 August 2014

Comp results round up

The weather last week wasn't classic racing weather and pilots in all the comps had some tough days. Our pilots did very well in Nationals and Regionals, here's the bottom line:

Jim White came 8th in the 15m Nationals, having flown consistently all week, protected his position and, as he says in his blog ,'made his own decisions' as opposed to following someone else round.

Mike Gatfield came 9th in the Junior Nationals, he was 3rd on Day 1 and 2nd on Day 6 but then broke that golden rule of comps about not landing out and dropped a few places overall.

William Parker came 7th in the Blue class at Dunstable Regionals, with two Day wins and a 2nd place, but a rest day (after a late return from retrieving a fellow competitor) and an airspace penalty reduced his overall position.

Jan McCoshim came 11th in the Red Class with some good consistent flying throughout the week, only landing out when everyone else did too.

Nick Jennings came 20th in the Grandsen Regionals, a very good effort for his first ever comp and a tough week with some loooong tasks resulting in lots of landouts. He came 13th on Day 4 on a task of 300ish k and 8th on Day 8 after which he decided to rest on his laurels and skip Day 9.

Meanwhile back at Booker the weather gods are not favouring our HDT comp, but UK weather is very unpredictable so we remain optimistic.

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