Saturday, 30 August 2014

More on comps

We have reported on five of our pilots who were competing in UK comps last week, but we overlooked one member who was flying the flag in an overseas one - Geoff Tabbner was competing in the 18m class of the Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo at Rieti. The weather was a bit warmer there than in the UK and they managed 6 comp days. Geoff came 5th on Day 2 and 9th overall. Well done Geoff.

Meanwhile, back at Booker this week, the Handicapped Task comp has been underway, though it has to be said that the main handicap has been delivered by the weather. The results so far are:

Day 1:
1st - Steve Williams
2nd - Team 949
3rd - everyone else

Day 2:
1st - Richard Crockett
2nd - Team 949
3rd - Ashley Birkbeck

Overall rankings:
1st - Richard Crockett
2nd - Team 949
3rd - Steve Williams
4th - Ashley Birkbeck
5th - Jeremy Gilbey
Joint 6th - Team 844, Jane Moore, Rob Munro - zero points
7th - Simon Vardigans
8th - Team 279

It looks as though a strategy of not launching is the best way of staying in the race.

Steve's machine - with an iron thermal that doesn't always deliver

What they've been up against

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