Saturday, 16 August 2014

Our brave boys and girls

Plenty of action on the comp front this week, with five of our pilots competing in various comps. Today looks as though it was a bit tricky.

Mike Gatfield is flying in the Juniors at Lasham where they were set a task of 203k. Mike got back - unlike quite a lot - and came 3rd with a speed of 85.2kph.

Jim White is in the 15m, also at Lasham, they were set 227k and Jim was 6th at 82.2kph - at least he got back, many didn't.

Nick Jennings is flying his first comp at Gransden Regionals. They were set an alarming 317k and one person got back. Nick did at least set off, and became acquainted with a local field fairly early on.

Jan McCoshim is flying in the Dunstable Regionals, in the red class. The task was 274k, one person got back and Jan scored a very creditable 5th place.

William Parker is also flying at Dunstable (blue class) where the task was 179k and it looks as though no-one got back. William came joint 3rd with a distance of 142k, though the results are still preliminary.

Well done all, keep up the good work.

You can follow their progress on Soaring Spot

and for Dunstable: Dunstable Regionals

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