Sunday, 8 May 2016

A day out at Haddenham

Today an event at Wycombe Air Park took up rather a lot of space so to be neighbourly we took ourselves off to Thame (Haddenham) airfield as guests of the Upward Bound Trust.  With two K21s and an ASW19 we kept our tug very busy, apart from a brief spell while a Dakota from the BBMF passed nearby. Conditions were very good locally, with strong thermals from early afternoon, although turbulence and a brisk crosswind kept pilots awake.

Many thanks to Symeon Economou for organising us all, and a special mention for Nick Ludlow, who brought all the launchpoint equipment over in his van and then drove tirelessly up and down retrieving gliders as they landed.

Weather permitting, we will be returning to Thame on Saturday 14th March and Friday 20th May.

Members in typical gliding attitudes 
Waiting for the BBMF to pass by
Jim taking a break

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