Sunday, 22 May 2016

Klippeneck 2016 - day 7

A hot blue day with thermals forecast to 7000ft and some cumulus later in the day. 
Before breakfast was over we had a flypast by an old Junkers Tri-motor - it flys so slowly we all had the chance to get out to see it.
The launch point was busy with locals outnumbering the Booker fleet for the first time. The Klippeneck club had a local open day event going on and their winch was kept busy with big 2 seaters going up at crazy angles. 
Most of the flying was in the local area but with climbs in the blue up to 8000ft later in the day, the "local area" was quite large. Off to the south the Swiss Alps were clearly visible.
Lots of sunny faces at the end of the day with the hangar doors only being shut at 19:30.

Pictures of activities around the airfield, Ed at 8000ft in 319, Paul and John in 315

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