Friday, 1 September 2017

31 August - A perfect day for Maddi Roberts to go solo.

A day for dodging showers. Towering cumulus appeared as soon as the sun got to work.

A busy day on the airfield with one serious downpour at lunchtime.

Bob Smith made many trial lesson visitors very happy as they flew with dramatic cloudscapes. Toby O'Brien and his family all flew as did Graham Langley and Martine Hutchinson.

Welcome back to Terry Clements, who spent time today getting back into the groove.

Well done Maddi, solo today---perfect landing too!

 Mike Shepherd preparing to get to grips with that dang aerotow, if only the tug would keep still.

Meanwhile Jane and John Wood spent the day with us, enjoying the sun and Richard's attention as their instructor.

Wilf looking thoughtful
Wilf explained that his Blue fronted parrot enjoys "scrunched up" cuttle fish. It's amazing the things you learn on a sunny airfield.  Wilf has now realised the parrot is able to scrunch the cuttle fish up itself - saves a job!

Let's hope September (that's tomorrow) brings some more good weather.

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