Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Monday 4 September - drizzle and low cloud

Low cloud all day, a weather front sitting over the country bringing dismal conditions - but it still all happens at Booker GC.

A very grey sky at Booker
Vic said he thought the bus repair would be futile if the track in the storage area was left unrepaired, because the air valve is very close to the ground and the track is very undulating. Fix the valve and damage it again, he warned.

It turns out Barry has a bulldozer, and professor Mike could help get it running. So a belch of black smoke later and the bulldozer is up and running, 

Barry filling in the holes on the track
Mmmm that's a lot better, thanks guys. Just tramp that down and we are done.
Now thats what I call teamwork - another good job completed. One of the hundreds of tasks completed by the silent few.

Mike was last seen trotting off to pick blackberries and Barry returned to his Aladin's cave of aircraft stuff.

Part of the collection in Barry's yard

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