Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sunday sunshine

The morning started grey with Booker firmly in the clouds. Paul took cadet Luis off to the hangar to learn the art of glider polishing. Those left in the clubhouse passed the time 'helping' James Giles mug up for his Bronze paper. He read questions out and the combined brains of 4 instructors and an airline pilot attempted to come up with a consensus on what the right answer might be. After a while we looked out of the window and decided that flying might be more fun, since blue sky was starting to appear.

As well as a handful of trial lessons we welcomed Clive who took 3 flights as part of an IntroPlus course, he thoroughly enjoyed himself so I think we will be seeing more of him.

Eventually a heavy shower put paid to flying and it was time for tea and biscuits.

Last flight - Mike R setting off into the dark

Paul and Clive planning their next flight before thinking better of it

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