Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Glad to be back

It could have been a 300k day. It just lacked the weather.

After yesterday when a sky full of great cu gradually turned blue and made the North part of the 300k around Tetbury, Husbands Bosworth into a bit of a nail biter the post cold frontal scenario of today made us much more confident.

A9, Z12, 918 and 315 set off, a good 3/4 of an hour after Dennis had launched in 370 with a view to using the South Downs, on a reverse task of yesterday. Hus. Bos - Tetbury. Cloudbase was just about 3k with what appeared to be cu forming to the North.

918, 315 and A9 set off full of confidence in a great day out, but by the time we reached Buckingham it was already obvious that a 300k wasn't on. I think,although I'm not sure, once we'd managed to escape the feeling that a landout wasn't going to happen just yet that Glen (A9)
must have headed for home.

Z12 having started later was pushing for Milton Keynes whilst 315 and 918 struggled for Towcester. Once past Towcester it still looked possible with haze caps forming ahead, although any climbs were weak and petered out between 2000 and 2500.

Then Z12 called a like
ly landout, followed by actually landing out. 315 spotted him in the field talking to the farmer. This gave us both the idea that pushing on wasn't a good idea.

Plan of action was to find a climb, this happened just off the N/W edge of Northampton, then strengthened by a climb over the largest white roof next to the M1, was to go via Silverston and on with Bicester in mind and ever onward. Silverston obliged with the b
est climb of the day to 3000. Another climb just of to the S/W of Wescott, then Thame and we were home.

The pictures were taken during the run from Northampton to Silverstone. These give a good idea of the sky looking West and East.

Dennis having listened to Z12 landing out, volunteered to retrieve him on landing himself, but it turned out the Glen having go back earlier went for him.

It didn't turn into a 300k day but I'm sure Geoff Tabner enjoyed his checkout in the Duo.

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