Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tuesday is the new Friday

Well for me at least. Nice to have a short break after what has been the busiest week of the year so far, particularly after playing musical aeroplanes yesterday in the run up to Aero Expo. There's nothing quite like a swept and carpeted hangar in which to store our kit, just let's hope it doesn't rain.

Congratulations to Jeff W who managed his Silver Duration, to Don H who completed his Cross Country Endorsement, to John W who converted to the K18, and to Leon who also flew the K18 for the first time and got a Bronze Leg into the bargain.

Also well done Kevin who flew the Junior before his imminent return to Zimbabwe, hope to see you again, and to Roy G who has re-soloed after a few months layoff. Back again are Matthew E and Michael G who I'm sure will be quickly back into the swing again.

Hope you all have a great weekend at Thame and/or Aero Expo!

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