Saturday, 20 March 2010

BGA Conference

The BGA conference was held at Daventry and there will doubtless be a full review of events in the next S&G. The following is a personal recollection of events and how they relate to Booker.

Patrick Naegli the BGA chairman opened with a session for Club chairman focusing on some important messages on safety. These are very relevant to our operation and there will be more in the next Club newsletter.

Andy Perkins, one time CFI at Booker made a presentation on BGA Junior Gliding Centres. Along with Alison Randall they made a good case for the importance of breathing new life into gliding. Booker was top of the list of Centres, and we are making good progress in this area.

Brian Spreckly, one time manager and CFI of Booker gave an inspirational presentation on how we can get the message about gliding out into the wider community. It mirrored a lot of the excellent work done by our Sales and Marketing Team here at Booker. He showed a short clip from a longer promotional video which is being made. I was not able to stay for the full video later in the afternoon but the bit I saw was excellent.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day out even though I missed the afternoon sessions.

Brian summed it up: "we have to tell the story. Gliding is a really remarkable sport, done by really remarkable people".

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