Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mad Dogs and Englishmen...

...go XC in the blue in early March?

An entertaining little waft around the Oxford plain today. Shack and Dave Caunt in 315 and T6 set off on BUC/DID. It was fine over the hills with climbs to 3000' above Booker but we soon realised on track that it was a little weak, largely blue with some haze caps and the lift seemed to die around 2500' above Booker. Jim White was calling on the radio from the ground as he was fixing his barn roof. Selfishly he refused to set fire to the barn when we were low and needed a climb. Low points at Buckingham for each of us persuaded us to beat a retreat at Bicester and so it was home for tea.

A very modest task but good to be XC again and Shack got some good tips from Dave: like try not to get low.

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jimboffin said...

Brilliant photos Jon. I would rather have been low up there than high down here.