Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ridge Running Sunday

With the wind forecast to be NW'ly 12-15kts until 3pm it was difficult to resist the urge to take a tow to the ridge......So several pilots did. Doug in K-21 ECZ was followed soon after by Jim in his ASW27 J1M. As conditions remained good, Gary and Bob Sinden then took K-21 KCZ an hour or so later to join in the fun - at which point Jim set off on an x-c and ECZ returned back to Booker. Doug and Andy, in ECZ, then returned this time to do some ridge/thermal flying and a mini x-c to Thame and back. Suitably inspired when KCZ returned, Steve Williams set off with Siena in KCZ to do some ridge running practice...which then turned into demonstrating a field landing into the ridge field. A co-ordinated aerotow and ground retrieve ensued which ensured that they were soon back at base.

An absolutely awesome day with some classic ridge running intermingled with some strong thermals kicking off. Brilliant. Hopefully photos to follow! .....As the adverts say ...."What did YOU do today?".

Photo below is from Doug and Olly.... 95kts, 500feet and 5 kts of lift!


Dave C said...

A bit of gardening and this and that. Amazing that it was OK for a 300 if you had and ASH25 EB28...

Jane said...

A very nice lunch and afternoon tea.