Sunday, 28 March 2010

Shobdon final - patience rewarded

The media silence has been the result of lack of technology in these parts, but now we are back in touch with the wider world.
Tuesday turned out a bit damp, so we turned to other amusements, one party explored Ludlow including the Olive Tree cafe which comes highly recommended. The other party imbibed local history at the ruined Wigmore Castle, followed by a good lunch at the Old Oak Tree pub, with a bit more imbibing. On Wednesday several parties tried to follow Glyn's directions to the outdoor shop, eventually we gave up on 'out of the airfield and turn left, head for the big hill' and turned on the satnav. In the evening we had an extremely good meal at the Jolly Frog in Leintwardine, the crab was particularly good.

On Thursday we were treated to a beat up by a Harrier, which flew down the runway to wake us up and then came low over the clubhouse and waved his wings. We had a good view of a Hercules earlier in the week trundling along the runway at low level. And then we flew. Bill and Craig finally got a view of Shobdon from the air, and Jane hitched a ride with Andrew in JTU. There was a bit of weak wave and some thermals, it was nice to get in the air. Roy Wilson from Aboyne set off into the distance and came back talking casually about using the artificial horizon to get out of the rain which had cut him off. Later he showed us pics from his recent trip to Argentina to fly in the Andes - it looked like very grown-up flying. On Friday we scrubbed early and went to the Elan Valley for a walk and to explore the Victorian reservoirs - and the excellent cafe in the visitors centre.

And on Saturday the wind blew and we flew. Bob S went to 10500ft and somewhere in Wales with Mike in 315. Geoff GA disappeared somewhere west. John JH also disappeared and was later rescued from a field the other side of Presteigne by Glyn and Richard.
At last a happy CFI

Wales is down there somewhere.

Today there is a lot of rain on the way from Wales so we are hitching up to head back to Booker. Not the best of weeks for weather but we have had a good week's holiday, and about 15 Booker members have joined the expedition for part or all of the week.

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