Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cooking on Gas

The sun worked it's magic and brewed up a some good thermals today.  Southerly airmass produced lots of those broken warm air thermals with a few stonking climbs when everything came together in the right places.  Many tasks from 100k up to 350k.  Sally's afternoon barbecue lasted well into the evening as we faced the challenge of the "all you can eat" meal.  Thanks to Sally and to her man (sorry, I'm hopeless with names) for helping with all the cooking.  Once again CFA was flying on the winch until late in to the evening as the landout retrieves returned; oh yes, there were a couple of landouts.  It was tricky if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, as evidenced by radio call of the day from Bicester "Relights - land where you like, use the whole airfield".

Photo of the day from Oli who made it to Graffam Water (and back) in 987.

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Brian said...

Love the picture above Grafham water.