Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Simmering in the heat at Thame

After Sunday's BBQ and great days flying the rubbish weather has finally given in to a few days glorious sushine under a powerful high pressure system that looks set to stay for a bit longer.

This has resulted in everyone getting their sun hats and sun cream out (and coming out to fly). Thame has been buzzing with the flying activity so far this week with flying until well into the early evening and good soaring flights up to to 5,000' in the blue.
The launch point at Thame

A lot of time has been spent with 'newcomers' to the site to ensure they are aware of local landmarks and exactly where the airspace limits are to make sure we aren't the ones to find out exactly how slow a Typoon flies when it formates on you.
Thame airfield from overhead Long Crendon

Alongside the Booker pilot there have been many Thame/UBT members coming along mid week to enhance their flying alongside BGC members.

Today has seen the DuoDiscus and the K21 flying non-stop showing local landmarks to each of the pilots as well as undertaking short cross country tasks with Didcot and Bicester cropping up multiple times on the mini-tasks. In addition, the clubs single seaters and private owners have been out flying and enjoying themeselves.
Running into Bicester

Ben Followell topping up before setting off on 'final glide to Thame'

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