Sunday, 15 July 2012

Winch, Aerotow, Landouts and Bacon Rolls

Another grand day out as guests of Upward Bound Trust at Haddenham.  Over 40 launches by Booker Pilots today.  Many club member single seaters have now made the journey to Thame, and most took to the air today.  Denis made it to East Anglia, but needed a little help from the motor to get back.  Junior HNK landed out in a very soggy field, judging from the mud caked fuselage, it probably didn't roll too far after touchdown.  The airfield operation worked well, and the anyone who followed their nose soon found the catering manager in his tent frying up bacon rolls.

In recognition of the fantastic work carried out by Richard helping to get things up and running, Denis presented him with a book about the real Operation Pegasus.

Real Star of the day was CFA, still flying well after 19:00.

CFA takes an aerotow

Apparently Richard always stands on one leg when he sees a glider low over the hedge
CFA taking a winch launch

And finally - CFA landing after 19:00

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