Friday, 13 July 2012

Operation Pegasus - phase 1 completed

The final bits of kit made their way to Thame today - a trailer load of buggies, two gliders in trailers, and CFA by air. The first task was to unpack the hangar and derig one of the Thame K13s. This was a complex affair which meant the Booker team learning how to 'spoon' gliders, here they are practising on a K8.

Richard had a go on the tractor.........

......... and then closely supervised the hangaring of CFA.

It all went in eventually..........

Then the team unpacked lots of food into the tea bar which has been set up in one of the portacabins and lots of kit into the new briefing room. Denis turned up with a tent which tested the spatial skills of some male brains but after a while it turned into a recognisable tea tent with a gas ring and kettle. The final run was Richard with the smart new launchpoint trailer.

Come over and see for yourself - the field is a little damp so waterproof shoes are an advantage.

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