Thursday, 23 August 2012

Booker at the juniors

If you thought the last few days had been a bit difficult for cross country flying then you’d be spot on! Today was the 6th day of the juniors which are being held down at lasham this week and the four contest days so far have been tricky, with only one person getting round on two of the days and most people getting soaked when showers invaded the task area yesterday. If you haven’t checked out the comp website ( or the ukjuniorgliding facebook page its well worth a look to check out all the things that have been going on.
Highlights have included ben getting stung by a wasp on the tongue in the top-gun-gay-volleyball finals (but bravely wiping away the tears and playing on), will chappell (chopper) getting the A30 closed and convincing the police and odiham that he’d crashed, seeing the token aussie get totally freaked out by RAIN and me receiving the first "dick of the day" prize for years after putting the wrong turnpoints into the gps! This year poz and matt davis have worked out a social calendar for the evenings starting with a bbq and pub quiz although top gun night never really happened after matt didn’t get poz’s text about starting it and everyone just started drinking instead.
Volleyball has been a massive addition this week and its beginning to look a bit like the 2nd week at wimbledon on the grass outside the clubhouse! So 4 days and 650km so far, fingers crossed for the weekend and end of comp party on the Sunday!

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