Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thame sizzles in sunshine again

The sun shines and a good forecast is announced and everyone comes out to play.

The grid at Thame around 10:30 today
There was a real buzz in the air at Thame today as lots of pilots raced to rig and fly. There was a lot of debate about the task to fly and Thame, Grantham, Didcot (301k) was set for the pundits with Thame, Corby, Oxford South, Pitsford (also 300k) for the folks who didn't want to venture as far away or were looking for first 300k's. The air north of Rutland Water into Grantham did not look inviting and so several pundits cut the turn short and have been embarassed by the more determined folks doing the other task who completed it (check the club ladder for flights).
Rutland Water where the visibility went from 30km to around 60km

Also through the week there have been some other notable successes with several members finishing their Bronze C's (either the duration flights, written exams, flight tests etc), 2 silver durations, many bronze legs.

The less restricted airspace around Thame and everyones diligence to avoid the Olympic airspace has made for a terrific days flying.

Don't forget the BBQ on Sunday 12th August at Thame starting around 17:00

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