Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tally ho Ginger

An interesting week of weather that has seen Jim White and William Parker taking part at the Dunstable Regionals and Mike Gatfield at the Junior Nationals. They are putting up a good show on behalf of Booker in spite of the less than perfect weather with some great day scores. Check out the results pages and give them your support.

Closer to home we have continued to operate with lots of flying taking place and two solo's by  Hakan Gokalp and John Townsend.

Hakan next to EBZ after his solo

John Townsend looking suitably pleased after solo'ing in a glider
Hakan originally soloed a few years ago but has had a break from gliding but is definitely back now. John Townsend has been on a PPL to Solo course to learn some new skills and meet other like minded flying enthusiasts - hopefully this has been achieved and we will see more of him in the future.

Lastly we had a very keen aviator by way of Darren Morgan turn up for his flight today dressed for the occasion - is this time for us all to reconsider out dress code?

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