Monday, 27 August 2012

Our brave boys

Booker pilots did well in competitions last week. William Parker (LC) came away with second prize in the Blue class of Dunstable's Regionals (sponsored by Milton Keynes Hyundai), having come second on Day 1 and winning Day 5.

William with his prize for Day 1
(photo by BlackNoSugar)

Jim White (J1M) started well in the Red class, winning Day 2, but he did a bit of crop inspection after that and ended up 7th, with a 4th place on Day 4.

Mike Gatfield (968) flying in the British Junior Nationals at Lasham came second on the final day and 7th overall.

Meanwhile back at Booker, Sunday was another busy day with first solos by Filip Livancic and Carl Bauer, and John Sugden completing his Silver badge.

Congratulations to all of them.

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Brian said...

Well done William and Jim. That was a tough week to fly a competition in.