Monday, 22 October 2012

A final days flying and then home

Those brave and intrepid flyers who hung on until the end (following 5 rather wet days) were able to have one last flight at Aboyne before the end of the 2012 expedition. After a calm and slightly misty start to the day, the sky opened up although there was no evidence of the forecast south westerly wind over the Grampians.

The expedition has been joined by some of our friends at Thame and it was Henry Ollis who showed the way by launching first and being the only person to contact wave over Ballater and climbing to 5,500 before the convection started which seemed to destroy the wave but wasn't strong enough to soar in. Henry topped out by having the only wave flight of the day and the longest.
Henry climbing in wave passing through 5,000

Between Ballater and Braemar
Then it was a case of derigging and the drive home (ready to return in 2013).

"No muddy boots or Bobble Hats"
JH towing home
The weather at Aboyne hasn't been the best this year (as evidenced by the lack of ladder flights and gloomy faces of the Deeside Gliding Club members) but this doesn't seem to have dampened everyones enthusiasm at flying in such glorious scenery and with so much else to do. The Deeside GC members have been friendly and welcoming and our thanks go out to them for hosting us yet again.

It has possibly been the least "wavy" year at Aboyne since 1993 but when you look at all the achievements and great flying that has gone on in all the other years it should not put anyone off - I for one cannot wait to return.
Early morning mist over the airfield

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