Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wave, thermals and dinner

After a morning waiting for the conditions to improve and the occasional shower and low level cloud to pass through we started launching around 14:00.
"There's the wave"
Rolf was first up in the K21 and was one of the few to contact wave with a short period of good lift between Morven and Logie Coldstone before the wind dropped to nil and the convection broke up whatever was left of the wave.

Rolf climbing over Logie Coldstone
Snow on top of Morven
Most folk then ended up thermal soaring and at one point when several gliders had congregated in one thermal it felt quite like the start zone in a regionals.
In the 'hold' before landing
The landing area became very busy for a period and all three runways were used as a large number of gliders fell out together but everyone behaved and mostly rolled to the end where willing ground crews moved them out of the way.
Parking up at the end of the day
In the evening dinner was hosted to the capacity of Clearfield Cottage where a superb 5 course meal was enjoyed.  
A healthy salad starter leaving room for .....
the less healthy but delicious Bread and Butter Pudding

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