Friday, 12 October 2012

Here Comes Trouble

 The Booker Vigilantes rolled into Ballater on Thursday afternoon, sweeping the American tourists aside in an effort to get to the tea shop scones first.
 (L to R, Glen Alison, Bob Davey, Rob Turner, Rob Munro, Sheriff Craig Cairns, Doug Hilton, Denis Campbell, John Hubberstey, Jane Moore, Geoff Tabbner) Pic taken at the end of our six mile walk around the bridges of Ballater. Rolf Kern and Barry Michael rested, Dave Byass worked, Simon and Tessa Vardigans went for the shopping and Glyn Read went home to get his bike, but never managed to catch us up.

Jane was task setter and despite some discord and the usual difficult questions during the re-brief, she managed to get all competitors round in a similar time.  The walk was a great way to work up an appetite prior to the traditional all inclusive meal at Birkellunn.  I'm sure there will be a food report any minute now. so check back for the menu and full review.

We are expecting a couple of no-fly days whilst some bad weather goes through, so it is off to the distilleries and castles today.  New arrivals - Steve the Baker, John the Plumber and Mike the Student.

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