Monday, 26 August 2013

Booker HCGP - Day One

The first day of the 2013 Booker HCGP utilising the task planning tool that Tim Scott has been working on tirelessly this season (and which is gathering a lot of momentum throughout the gliding movement as a whole!) was a resounding success today.

Under a less than promising sky in the early part of the day, the task of SOS-TOW-BED-OXF-BO1-BOO (191.5km) was set. Launching of the 15 competitors started into a slack and uninviting sky which had most competitors grateful to be able to maintain their height after releasing from tow.

The start line was opened at 14:10 with most competitors setting off pretty much straight away but as they set off down the first leg, conditions rapidly improved and regular thermals of 5kt were to be found which was reflected in the speeds around the task with the top 5 pilots exceeding 100kmh and the rest not much behind.

Spectators at the launch point were also able to witness a constant and steady stream of finishers.

Competitors eagerly awaiting the results
There was a real 'buzz' around the trailer park and club house afterwards from pilots, spectators, tuggies, crews etc. (even the comp director (Richard) was seen to be smiling) and all with a forecast of more good soaring weather for the rest of the week.

So no excuses, get yourselves up to the launch point and have a go yourself - we may even get the scorer to smile as long as we get our traces to him as soon after we land as possible (it really isn't fair to have him wait after we have had all the fun flying).

Day one results

1st Jim White/Nick Newton (Duo Discus) - 12 points
2nd Bob Smith (LS4) - 10 points
3rd Simon McCracken (Discus) - 8 points
4th Doug Hilton (LS7WL) - 6 points
5th William Parker (Discus) - 4 points
6th Jon Sugden (ASW20) - 2 points
Day 1 winners Jim White and Nick Newton
2nd Place Bob Smith
3rd Place Simon McCracken
Jane Moore - prize for the furthest distance flown

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