Wednesday, 28 August 2013

HCGP day 3

Another full day at the launch point and a field of eager competitors.
The met suggested the best task area was a line roughly north south with blue conditions up to 4000/5000 feet and the possibility of a small amount of cu (with Jim forecasting a convergence line similar to that experienced by Tuesdays competitors).

With that in mind the task was set as Stokenchurch South-Whitchurch-Calvert Junction-Goring-Hambleden Church- Booker 206.2km.

Launching commenced and the start line opened at 14:10 - there were no landouts and the conditions broadly followed the forecast. In the event, there was more cloud than forecast but the cloud that formed seemed to follow Jim's "convergence line forecast" - uncanny how he does it?

Honours for the day went to Mike Gatfield (beating his Dad who flew the Duo Discus with Craig Cairns), 2nd place went to Bob Smith and 3rd place to Jim White.

Mention should also be made of Rob Kehrr's flight in his recently restored vintage Wassamer Javelot. He may well have won the day but for missing the last control point (BO1) by a few metres.

The day concluded with prize giving and some well deserved drinks and the forecast of more good flying again tomorrow.

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