Saturday, 10 August 2013

More success

Cadet Peter Kirkwood converted onto the K18 today, and promptly set off on a flight of 2 hours 20 mins, giving him a second Bronze leg. He had plenty of time for taking photos:

Airfield view - string nicely in the middle


Keeping that scan cycle going....

Elsewhere, the GP task was Membury-Westcott, which proved quite tricky for some as conditions were decidedly variable. David F sneaked into Benson and wandered around unchallenged for some time before anyone noticed him - makes you think - but he was made welcome when he was finally spotted. John S dropped in on Chiltern Park and got an aerotow back, and Steve W ended up somewhere near Chieveley.

There should be some soarable days coming up, so keep an  eye on the forecast - and don't forget to look out of the window!

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