Thursday, 29 August 2013

HCGP Day 4

Day 4 of the Booker Handicap Grand Prix, and the sun shone for us again. The scheme of paying by the day seems to be working well with members dipping in and out if they can't manage the whole week. Today's task was Buckingham-Goring-Oxford East, making the best of the weather ahead of the approaching front. Jim and his co-pilot Robert won the day with a time of 1h 50m 35s. Jim's now leading the field with 44 points, but there's still time................

Jim and Robert with the bubbly

Wayne was slightly slower in his LS8 with a time of 1h 52m 01s.

Wayne prefers red

Bob took a little longer, but he looks quite happy with his time of 2h 14m 33s - or maybe the grin's because it's his second bottle of Rioja this week.

Bob and Chairman Geoff

Rob got a special mention for his epic flight in his beautiful Super Javelot, he didn't get round but he made it up to Buckingham and back to Goring, not bad considering the strength of the wind.

Rob making off with the beer

Geoff made it back in time to take all the photos after a speedy retrieve from Chalgrove.

Tomorrow might be a rest day but who believes a forecast?

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