Saturday, 31 August 2013

HCGP Day 5

After a scrub day and a cold front, today conditions were excellent once it got going. The task was Banbury North - Newport Pagnell - Chipping Norton, and with climbs averaging 6kts or more it was a good fast race, and most people had an excellent day out.

Steve Williams took 3rd place, Jim White and his co-pilot Jeremy Gilbey came second.

Jeremy selecting his prize
 Wayne Aspland won the day, giving Jim a bit of a rest from the fizzy stuff. Jim's still leading overall though, and it will take something dramatic to knock him off the podium.

Wayne inspecting the bubbly
 The day ended with a stupendous barbeque cooked up by Marnie and her assistants, attended by a large number of members, family and friends.