Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Aboyne Days 2 and 3

Yesterday the wind blew southerly and it was cloudy, so most of the party left the airfield, but the two 777 captains were not deterred and took 315 to 10,000ft.

Dinner at Birkelunn was the CFI's sausage and mash, followed by Rolf's bread and butter pudding.

Today we were back to a very nice classic westerly wave and the whole club was soon in the air, some of them twice. The score sheet is as follows, in no particular order:

Denis 370 - 200k via Huntley, Lock Muick, Huntley and Aboyne
Geoff 949 - 7,000ft
Rolf 768 - 5,900ft
Roland 318 - 7,400ft at Loch Muick
Ashley 318 - 9,000ft over Dinnet
Dave/Jeremy 315 - Glenshee, 13,500ft
Richard/Graham KCZ - 7,500ft
Bob 279 15,200ft at Lochnagar
Glen A9 - 9,000ft Loch Muick
Adrian HA - 7,500ft
Jeremy JDV - Loch Builg 7,500ft
Barry JDV - 10,000ft
Bob 208 - 8,000ft Ballater
Jane 118 - 14,000ft Lochnagar
Dave/Barry 315 Braemar 9,500ft

Here are a few more pics taken by Richard.

HA flying high

Sun over cloud



jimboffin said...

I'll wager it is pants next week!

Unknown said...

Now that's the sentiment of a true glider pilot. Expectations are low,but we are still prepared to travel the thousand miles to sit and watch the sky, looking for that one crack in the drizzle only to go home the day before the weather breaks.
Have fun everyone.

Brian said...

Those are fantastic pictures Richard!