Wednesday, 16 October 2013

.....mean while "back at Booker"

With all the excitement and reporting of the club activities on the Aboyne Expedition we shouldn't forget the activities that have been going on at Booker. Whilst the pilots flying on the first day of the Aboyne Expedition were enjoying some seriously good wave flying, the weather at Booker was unseasonably good with clear skies, high temperatures and great thermals. The tugs were kept busy all afternoon with no breaks in towing and many private owners were out enjoying the soaring flights, many exceeding 2 hours and J1M flying a short cross country after a late afternoon start.
The clubs 2 seaters were kept busy with training flights and a couple of achievements with David Lowe converting to the K18 and Ruth Jackson completing her second Bronze C leg. Congratulations to all involved.
David Lowe after his K18 conversion

Ruth Jackson looking suitably pleased with her 2nd Bronze Leg

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