Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Aboyne update

The wind continues easterly and has given us some lovely sunny days. Saturday was changeover day so various people left and others arrived. Rolf 768, Jim 208 and Geoff GA flew in thermal for a couple of hours and enjoyed the views over the Cairngorms. Glyn went off in his Robin on a trip to Oban with local members Roy and Fran, accompanied by Dave in is Stemme, they enjoyed lunch in a shoreside restaurant.

Sunday was slightly more overcast but Glyn was persuaded into the Capstan for a brief sortie. The new panel with its digital ASI and artificial horizon was of less interest than the wine gums stored down the top of the stick.

Yesterday was a bit wet so activities were non-aviation related. Richard went to Glenlivet, Graham, Rolf and Bob went to Dufftown to visit the Speyside Cooperage to see how barrels are made. At Clearfield, Bob made a start on building his balsa glider while William taught Jane some chords on his electric guitar. For dinner they finished off the last of Rolf's delicious Birkelunn desserts.

Today Boris arrived and kept Richard busy in the Duo. Late afternoon the sky cleared and Richard took a launch in his own glider. The air was flat calm but he said it was one of the best flights he had ever had, the views were so good. Once the real gliders were away, Bob gave Graham a lesson in flying models so that he was at last able to fly his last Christmas present.

Andy and Dave launching

Graham after his first model flying lesson from Bob

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