Friday, 25 October 2013

Progress in the Skunkworks

Deep in a secret location the vintage group ably led by Graham Saw are working on a Fauvel AV-36 with the intention of getting it back to full flying order.

When the glider is restored, it should be flying regular displays at Shuttleworth alongside other vintage gliders and aeroplanes.

Many of you may remember when Graham last had one of these flying at Booker a few years ago before it went to France.

Fauvel Dreirudereindecker?
As is always the case, Graham is looking for ways to improve the flying characteristics and stability and took advantage of a Focker Eindeker rudder (as if two aren't enough) to see what he could do although the commonly held view is that his efforts might be better spent building the rest of the fuselage and giving it a tailplane !

Can't wait to see it flying.
Just for those who aren't sure what a Fauvel AV-36 should look like

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