Sunday, 6 October 2013

Aboyne Expedition Day 1

And what a fantastic start to the expedition! The club was rigged and ready and soon there were calls of 10kt climbs and gliders asking for the 'wave box' to be opened so that they could climb to FL240. The sky was full of classic 'dinner plate' lenticulars, the views were amazing.

If there are club members down south with leave to spare and regretting that they didn't put their name down for the trip, come on up. You could probably have 315 and the undivided attention of the CFI for a day or two.

Here's the list of achievements, in no particular order:

Ashley Birkbeck (318)- FL198 and a visit to Balmoral
Richard Crockett and Roland Wales (315)- FL195 over Dinnet
Adrian Hegner (HA) - 17500ft and some local touring
Bob Smith (279) - FL230 over Lochnagar and then local some touring
Denis 'Starship' Campbell (370) - Inverness
Jane Moore (118) - Braemar and then 11,400ft locally
Dave Byass and Glyn Read (KCZ) - Braemar, 11,500ft
Geoff Lyons (949) - Braemar, 16,350ft
Rolf Kern (768) - 7,000ft twice
Barry Michael (JDV)- Loch Muick, 14,500ft
Bob Davey (208) - 16,000ft and local touring
Glen Alison (A9) - 20,000ft, Lochnagar and Braemar

Here is a small selection of photos from a great height:

Bob S waving at 20,000ft

Lochnagar moonscape

Proof that he was there

The end of a fantastic day

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