Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Training day

Sunday 19th April: -

Calum and I met before 9 to rig and pair fly a decent sized task (for us!), in the expectation of a booming day. Unfortunately a strong, cold wind was blowing and the sky didn't look very promising, so we watched the rain soaked Chinese Grand Prix and then helped rig the Duo and the Graham's Petrel at the launch point. We couldn't get the enthusiasm together to fly 314 and 208, so we tried to think of ways to usefully use the day. As such I did a conversion training session on the Super Cub with some excellent training from our new tug master Andrew Betteley, whilst Calum got some hands on time with our Duo Discus, 315.

Following my entertaining tail dragger training I hopped in the Duo for both back seat and front seat conversion flights with Steve Williams, who then very kindly sent me off solo in 315, in the beautiful and nicely thermic early evening sunshine soaked sky. In true stone-like fashion I spectacularly failed to find any lift and thus executed possibly the world's shortest ever Duo flight. However, I did achieve a significant goal of flying the Duo solo, which I'd been hoping to do since I started gliding back in 2005.

Before heading to the bar I discovered a flat tyre on my car, which taught me not to hurtle round the perry track too fast! Thanks to Emily, Doug and Will who helped me jack up my car and change the wheel.

The evening was rounded off with a couple of refreshing sunset beers with several club members on the balcony of The Pad.

A really rewarding day's flying despite the soaring conditions not being up to much.

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