Sunday, 5 April 2009

Yet another 300k day

Incredibly another 300k day at the weekend.

918,Z3,A9,EN,949, 246, CH, 314 and 208 all launched with a view to doing a cross country. Either the 300 that Matt had set of BOB-BRO-OUN-SW1-BOO or BRO and NOS. for the less experienced to test their skills.

The launching was a little delayed by the wind not being along the airfield manager dictated runway but eventually all got away. The day was very good with strong cloud streets (even if not actually on track, unless it was the way home), good embedded climbs (which eventually reached 5000 above Booker) and not very much wind (a pleasure after yesterday).

The shame was that for a change RASP was correct and the day deteriorated from the South which somewhat spoiled the run back to SW1 and BOO.

I heard 314 land out and know that Jim (flying 208, with a get me home if it goes wrong option) was going to retrieve him. After I'd landed Brian (246) finished then Matt(A9) arrived followed by Tim (Z3) and then Hannah (CH). That left Geoff (949) and Niels (EN). I see from the BGA ladder that Geoff got round OK but nothing from Neils. Hope he managed to get back OK.

I'm know that those members that didn't go cross country but remained at Booker doing the tugging and instructing did an excellent job as always despite the difficult situation on the airfield.

Here's looking forward to a lot more of the same in 2009

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